Sorority Noise Joy, Departed



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Track List:

  1. Blissth
  2. Corrigan
  3. Fluorescent Black
  4. Nolsey
  5. Your Soft Blood
  6. Art School Wannabe
  7. Fuschia
  8. Using
  9. Mononokay
  10. When I See You (Timberwolf)

Pressing Info:

first press: /1,517; 198 Half Mustard / Half Electric Blue, 298 Coke Bottle Clear, 1,021 Clear Beer w/ Royal Blue Splatter (20 test presses)
second press: /1,363; 315 Yellow (Banquet Records Exclusive), 1,048 Yellow with Royal Blue Color in Color
third press: /1,047; Cloudy clear with blue and colorful splatters
fourth press: /1,044; 521 Cloudy clear with blue and colorful splatters, 523 Transparent blue


The follow up to last year's debut record Forgettable, Joy, Departed is a dynamic and thrilling step forward for Sorority Noise. One year, two music degrees and a whole lot of openness and expression went into the creation of this beautifully crafted record. With an album full of lovely orchestral swells, Weezer-esque guitar solos and cheery pop hits, Sorority Noise shows off their versatility and talent on Joy Departed, creating a perfect front to back record.

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TSR128. Released June 16, 2015