Queen of Jeans


Queen of Jeans is Philadelphia dreamy crockpot pop. The music, lush in its retro guitar and ethereal three part harmony composition, is clever while introspective, sparking comparison to the likes of Roy Orbison, Cocteau Twins, and contemporaries Warpaint and Angel Olsen.

"Like a 2016 revival of a 90s throwback to the 60s" -1964kyle



Devora’s lyrics channel the heart-on-the-sleeve emotionalism of her contemporaries like Julien Baker, but Queen of Jeans can transition from soft solo-centered tracks to full-on rock songs that resemble the likes of The Killers or The Cure.
-Atwood Magazine

[A] modern take on the doo-wop sounds of the mid-twentieth century, with gorgeous ethereal harmonic vocal melodies drifting atop clean guitars and a simple drum beat. Although clearly taking inspiration from the rock and roll sounds of yesteryear, Queen Of Jeans have made the style completely their own, crafting sound that is both welcoming and challenging.

Philadelphia four-piece Queen of Jeans are the band you didn’t know you were missing, shimmying around your ears with vibrant three-part harmonies and ‘60s girl group and doo-wop hooks you don’t hear on your typical punk rock bill.