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People Like You strive to represent, well, people like you – a diverse entity desiring to deliver a sense of genuine authenticity through music as their creative, unifying outlet. The Boston-based band of five derive their sound from influences like Philip Glass, Japanese Math Rock, Avante-Garde Jazz, and Minimalism. Their current lineup has played together for a year and a half, having undergone lineup changes since their creation three years ago. Instrumental improvisation and raw vulnerability underlie the collective’s refined musicality in which they explore themes of transition and personal growth without sounding pompous or gimmicky.


Chris Lee (Guitar, Vocals)
Michi Tassey (Keys, Vocals)
Sander Bryce (Drums)
Matt Hull (Trumpet, Weird Sounds)
Sai Boddupalli (Bass)


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"Cascading horns stitch together warmly while twinkling guitar lines recreate that feeling of loneliness."

"Mysterious, pretty and distinct, 'Variations on an Aria' could hold as a testament of a truly unique blend of pop, punk and jazz for the summer."

"Tender but never timid, elegant but still forceful."

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