tricot is a Japanese all-female alternative rock band formed in historical and cultural city Kyoto in Sep 1, 2010. They started to expand their career in Asia, Europe and North America in 2014 and 2015.

The band develops a unusual and distinctive sound that consists harmonization of pop and emotional vocals with that complex rhythm. Although the members are not familiar with math rock and such harmonization is not created on purpose.

They have been getting great attention from all around the world as well, and in 2014 and 2015, they did the Asia tours twice, Europe tours twice including supporting act for Pixies in the UK, and North America tour. In March 2016, their third Europe tour has reached to 21 shows in 12 countries with a lot of sold-put dates. They are developing their music career all around the world.


Ikkyu Nakajima
Motoko "Motifour" Kida
Hiromi "Hirohiro" Sagane




"Call it math-pop, technical sugar-pop, J-punk, jazzy post-rock — whatever it is, the Kyoto-based Tricot makes sophisticated music that's as sweet and bubbly as soda."

"3 shows Tricot at their proggiest and most punkish, now fully sounding like a version of At the Drive-In that had never split up and kept pushing post-hardcore to its limits."

"[DeDeDe] is a dizzying triumph of Alanis-like vocals and generous drums."

"Bright, sunny, and full of twists and turns, leaping between styles at a moment’s notice, it’s a completely engrossing ride."
-DIY Magazine

"A gleaming three-and-a-half minutes that bends and bursts and delivers a thrilling sense of brightness that will have you clamouring for the repeat button."
-GoldFlakePaint (on "DeDeDe")

"The language barrier is no match for Ikkyu Nakajima’s emotive vocals, which go to soaring heights at the song’s close."
-Stereogum (on "DeDeDe")

"... the nonstop time-signature shifts and torrid playing that animate their tricky pop is the work of a band in its own lane."
-Rolling Stone

"Since forming Tricot (pronounced “tree-ko,” a French word for a type of knitting) in 2010, they’ve drawn on a wide variety of rock scenes—slow-burning American post-rock, bustling Fukuoka’s frantic indie-rock—to create guitar-centric songs that constantly pivot in new directions."

"Tricot’s music is characterised by the frenetic math rock rhythms that underpin Ikkyu’s vocals, which flip from sprightly to a sprawling rage on a knife’s edge. Fans of Battles, Speedy Ortiz, Zach Hill’s pre-Death Grips band Hella, and proto-emos Don Caballero should find plenty to like here."