You Blew It


You Blew It might be one of the last great hold-outs in the emo revival that took over the last decade. More sane than Algernon Cadwallader, less sonically-spacious than Cap’n Jazz, YBI! cherrypicks from 90’s emo and indie in a fashion that many have aimed for but few have achieved. These cat-loving, taco-eating dudes have been holding it down in their native Orlando scene since February 2009. Since then, they’ve had enough lineup changes to see something like twelve members come and go all while completing four out-of-state tours and a few notable gigs with The Get Up Kids.

They have two releases under their belts, including a self-released, self-titled EP in 2009 and The Past In Present EP in the following year (Good Friends Records). Their upcoming full-length, Grow Up, Dude, will be released in April 2012.

(Bio by Elise Granata.)


Tanner Jones
Andy Anaya
Trevor O'Hare
Matt Nissley
Andy Vila



Big feelings, big sound.

Noticeably cleaner and more purposeful ... the grown-up sonics only make the underlying, pound-the-dashboard, yell-to-yourself sentiments all the more loud and clear.

[H]as an edge that’s simultaneously louder and cleaner ... an urgency and immediacy previously unheard from the band ... will ultimately stand the test of time.
-Punknews (4/5)

[A] brand of punk rock that’s more complex and cathartic than the Get Up Kids.
-Orlando Music News initially struck me as solid indie rock with a bit of a punk finish...Sure, that’s all there, but there’s something else, too. This record gets under your skin, all clever and compelling.
-The Ruckus

If you are a fan of rough around the edges yet still “pretty” twinkly emo then You Blew It! might be your new favorite band.
-Sound As Language

2012 will be the year of You Blew It!
-National Underground