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Defeater Travels


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"Travels is an easy choice for a spot in the upper echelon of modern hardcore releases... Defeater is the perfect definition of modern hardcore." -Lambgoat

"A new artistic peak for hardcore." -Punknews

"I have a feeling that Defeater may be the band that everyone talks about in 2009. They have a formula of emotive hard hitting hardcore that crashes into you like waves during a typhoon." -ScenePointBlank

Pressing Info:

first press: /1,500; 200 Tan, 400 Gray, 900 Brown (20 test presses)
second press: /800; 100 White, 700 Black
third press: /909; 909 Dark Gray w/ Red Marble
fourth press: /1000; 1,000 Muddy Yellow
fifth press: /1,000; 1,000 Translucent Red w/ Black Swirl
sixth press: /1,000; 1000 Clear
seventh press: /1,100; 1,100 Gold with black smoke

Track List:

  1. Blessed Burden
  2. Everything Went Quiet
  3. Nameless Streets
  4. Forgiver Forgetter
  5. City By Dawn
  6. Prophet In Plain Clothes
  7. Carrying Weight
  8. Moon Shine
  9. The Blues
  10. Debts
  11. Cowardice

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