Turnover Blue Dream


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Blue Dream features the first tracks written alongside new guitarist Eric Soucy (formerly of Maker). Originally intended as an acoustic EP, Yip convinced Turnover to record the songs as a full band ... and the results are nothing short of amazing. While the outfit's 2013 debut full-length Magnolia (Run For Cover Records) was a great effort - a decidedly more mature, introspective take on pop punk and emo compared to most of Turnover's contemporaries - Blue Dream ups the ante in a big way. Opener "Disintegration" somehow transmits as both expansive and bombastic, yet it maintains an incredibly introspective and intimate tone throughout, while "Bella Donna" is a bittersweet ode to a destructive, doomed relationship. It's impossible not to feel the emotional scarring from these songs, but you'll nevertheless yearn to listen to them repeatedly. Released by Dog Knights Productions.