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Topshelf Records 2020 Label Sampler



Every year (well, except 2019 because lol we just, idk, forgot?), we put together a "sampler" of sorts. Past iterations have been just a CD, simply a SoundCloud playlist, or sprawling endeavors that attempt to document and showcase an entire music community. However we go about it, it's always a snapshot of what we're into—what we think is worth highlighting and revisiting—in that moment.

We've released 14 titles so far in 2020 (with a couple more still to be announced). An annual sampler serves as a milestone or checkpoint. It allows for a look back at progress—the culmination of a year's worth of work—with and for artists that we're so fortunate, excited, and thankful to be affiliated with, especially now in these uncertain times.

It's been the most surreal of years, but I personally think this has been one of the strongest in terms of musical output that our label has had and this sampler attempts to showcase that. In this wild ass time where we're all chasing [several?] dangling carrot(s), and something new seemingly demands our attention at every moment, it's easy to miss the music that a niche record label is releasing. I get that lol! Consider this an opportunity to remedy that with a concise, hand-curated mix of what we've been up to over the past year or so.

This sampler is available as a free digital download here in our US shop, or if you prefer, free on Bandcamp. We've also made it into a playlist on your preferred streaming service.

Thank you for listening!


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