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Weatherday Come In


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Weatherday is the bedroom noise-pop project of the mononymous Swedish artist Sputnik. Although anonymous to their entire fanbase, their cult-acclaimed album Come in has garnered them a large and dedicated following through its raucous musical universe and serpentine sparklepunk stylings. Come in will see its first vinyl issue via Topshelf Records in 2021.

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Pressing Info:

first press:
/500 - Pink Sprite / Yellow Sprite
/500 - 180g Black

Listen Elsewhere:

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Track List:

  1. Come in
  2. Older than before (Oswald made no way for himself)
  3. Mio, min Mio
  4. Sleep in while you're doing your best
  5. My sputnik sweetheart
  6. Cut Lips
  7. Embarrassing paintings (Agatha showed great initiative in art class this week)
  8. Water dreamer the same
  9. Painted girl's theme
  10. Агaтка (Agatha! You're being melodramatic!)
  11. Porcelain Hands
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